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Morrish Solicitors secure seven-figure sum for man who lost his leg

Bradford Royal Infirmary failed to deal with the development of an infection following a knee replacement, which led to him having his right leg amputated above the knee.

The man, 52, from Bradford, initially underwent a right knee replacement in August 2005, after being informed by the specialists at Bradford Royal Infirmary that he had advanced osteoarthritis.

"My disability has had a very detrimental effect on my quality of life. I used to be very active, having previously played semi-professional football, but am now no longer able to do so and require help and support from my family in order to undertake daily tasks. This compensation will help me be more independent and also help to provide me with a new limb and recover some of the quality of life I have lost."

Mr P, Bradford

The problems persisted and his surgeon confirmed that he had completely worn the knee joint and would require a further total knee replacement, which was carried out in December 2006.

Morrish Solicitors medical negligence department have secured £5.5m compensation for a young woman left with brain injuries

A girl has been awarded £5.5m compensation after a catalogue of errors leading up to and during her birth at St Luke's Hospital in Bradford in 1994, left her with irreversible brain damage.

“This has been a long hard fight to secure justice for my daughter... but I hope that we can now get the care and equipment that she needs to provide her with a better life.”

Mrs T, West Yorkshire

The girl, now 18 years old, was starved of oxygen in the days leading up to her birth. Her mother was initially admitted to hospital following a small trauma. She was experiencing some pain and a "show", so underwent two Cardiotocographs (CTG's), which were suspicious, but despite this and her mother's obstetric history, was not referred to senior medical staff. The following morning, she was experiencing a loss of blood and fluid, which was reported to hospital staff and she was discharged by the hospital and allowed home.

Other past successful claims include:

  • £1 million paid to a negligently administered intramuscular injection of Diclofenac on attendance at A&E for tooth ache which penetrated the Claimant’s sciatic nerve, leaving her considerably disabled and in chronic pain.
  • £250,000.00 paid to a widower following failure to diagnose cervical cancer.
  • £850,000.00 awarded to a man who suffered brain injury after he suffered a haemorrhage due to a tracheostomy being cited too low.
  • £10,000.00 for a failure to properly consent a patient before a face-lift resulting in a poor outcome.
  • £52,500.00 for the failure to diagnose, identify or treat periodontal disease between 1974 – 2009 resulting in the extraction of several teeth and extensive restorative work.
  • £55,000.00 for the delay in diagnosis and treatment of a DVT in the leg.
  • £1.3m awarded to a man who suffered serious complications following an operation to reverse his colostomy when the surgeon mistook an end colostomy for a loop colostomy causing an obstruction to his large bowel.
  • £275,000.00 for the failure of the GP to recognise symptoms of an ischiorectal abscess after guided biopsy resulting in renal failure.
  • £19,500.00 for a dispensing error of an anti-epileptic drug leading to serious side effects.
  • £100,000.00 for a man who developed a Grade IV pressure sore and required ongoing care.
  • £350,000.00 for major injury to the bile duct during gall bladder removal.
  • £15,000.00 for the delay in diagnosis and treatment of testicular torsion resulting in removal of the right testicle.

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